Detox and Cookies, hmmm

One of our markets, the Twilght Tuesday at Kaleisia Tea Lounge, is having a Detox month. Typically, folks who are trying to detoxify their bodies don’t go for the particularly good ingredients inside of a properly done cookie. Well, maybe they do, but then they have to start all over again.

So what do cookies have to do with detoxification? Well, that depends on whose cookies we’re talking about, and on what kind of detox you’re thinking of.

We already have a detox program called Two Cookies and a Friend. Basically, you show up (or click here), buy cookies and then buy more cookies for strangers by putting money in our Two Cookies jar. Once you do that, anyone can use it. Neat-o!

Annnnnd exactly how is that a detox program, you ask?

Well, food isn’t the only thing that can fill you with toxins. Consider the toxic effect of over 4 million people in and around our city not sharing cookies. Yuck! It’s sad, but we humans don’t always share much. Sometimes it’s because we’re greedy and selfish. Other times, it’s just because businesses don’t make it easy. Either way, selfishness is toxic, and we’re here to help.

Help us detox the Tampa Bay area one cookie at a time. Visit us and either buy someone cookies or buy your own using someone else’s money. We could all use a little sweetness sometimes, and cookies are both sweet and sometimes!

P.S. If you’re detoxing your body, buy cookies for someone who isn’t. Maybe they need a little sweetness right now.