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Say it fast

Say it fast

Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Shortbread…

Strawberry and Shortbread

What’s your favorite cookie?

Lemon Tea CookieAs you all know, it’s an election year. Which cookie(s) belong(s) in the oval office this time around?

Guesses so far

Some of these sound pretty good. I have a feeling Cassie can make anything taste pretty good.

Here are the guesses so far:

  1. bread pudding cookie
  2. mince meat cookie
  3. microwaveable cookie
  4. fruit cake cookie
  5. blueberry plank cookie
  6. super snickerdoodles
  7. adult cookies
  8. sugar-free cookies
  9. kid’s cookies
  10. Italian sweet spice cookies
  11. spice drop cookies
  12. dropped cookies (5-second cookies)
  13. butterscotch cookies
  14. peppermint cookies
  15. wintergreen cookies
  16. lifesaver cookies
  17. hard candy cookies
  18. Sinner Man (cinnamon) cookies
  19. Indian turmeric cookies
  20. dinosaur-shaped cookies
  21. breakfast, lunch, or dinner cookies
  22. yogurt cookies
  23. cherry cream cheese cookies
  24. strawberry banana wafers
  25. blueberry cream cheese cookies
  26. mint cream on chocolate cookies with a chocolate drop on top
  27. orange tangerine with cream cheese cookies
  28. licorice cookies
  29. pistachio cookies
  30. dietic cookies
  31. Christmas in July Cookies
  32. carrot cake cookie
  33. pumpkin cookie
  34. pineapple coconut macadamia big kahuna cookie
  35. chocolate mint cookies

Just say it.

say :)

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